You can get an email or see a message in your Intuit Account that there's something you need to do before we can start working on your request. This is most common for QuickBooks customers with paid subscriptions, or for QuickBooks accounts where multiple people and Intuit Accounts are connected to a single company. 

If you receive an error telling you there's an action for you to take in the offering, it’s very important that you return to your Intuit Account after you've completed the action to confirm you completed the action. This will resubmit your request.

To confirm you completed the action, navigate to the screen in your Intuit Account that tells you there’s something for you to do in the offering before we can get started on your request. You should have received an email with a link to this page, or you can find it in the Data and Privacy section of your Intuit Account. 

On the bottom of that screen, there is a checkbox for you to check once you complete the actions within the offering. Checking this box and selecting Continue will resubmit your request.