If you are trying to sign into your account, and you are expecting a verification code to come via SMS to your phone, but you are not receiving the code, try the following steps: 

  1. Make sure the phone number is correct. In some cases, Intuit will tell you the number (or the last digits) of the phone number the verification code was sent to. 
  2. Make sure your phone can receive SMS. Sometimes, if you are roaming, or in an area with poor reception, you may experience delays. 
  3. Make sure your phone plan includes SMS messages. 
  4. Make sure your phone plan allows you to receive messages from short codes (5 Digit Numbers). Even if you are able to receive SMS from friends and family, your plan may not allow you to receive SMS from companies that use short codes to send you messages.  To check if this is the case: 
  5. a. Contact your mobile operator support number. 
    b. Ask if your plan allows you to “Receive SMS from short codes”. 
    c. If this functionality is disabled, ask your mobile carrier to turn it on in order to start receiving SMS.